Quick Easy Puff Pastre Wraps Recipes are great for Appetizers or Desserts. Simple instructions on how to make Puff Pastrey Wraps for any Holiday or Party. Happy New Year Appetizers.

Puff Pastry Wraps

Puff pastry sheets can be purchesed at any commercial food store.

1 sheet puff pastry dough(makes about 12 servings or so)
12 mini smoked sausages
leftover mashed potatoes
 1 c shredded cheese
1/2 c fresh chopped chives
bowl water and pastry brush( this acts as the glue to make pastry stick together).

Cut dough into 2-3" squares. Brush edges with small amount water. Add desired ingredients. Here are some ways to do it but this is the kind of recipe where your imagination can take over. Experiment with this.

Place mini sausage and fold, pressing edges together.

Take mashed mashed potatoes and mix with cheese and chives.

Broccoli and cheese

Small pieces of spicy chicken or beef strips

Spiced fruits.

Get the Idea?