Welcome to our food safety section of our site where we offer Quick Easy Food Safety and Tips to make food prep safe and insure food quality. Don't take chances with food safety.

Food Safety

Always remember to use healthy practices in the kitchen.
Here are some basics.

Wash your hands before starting or changing food prep.

Date and lable foods. Discard leftovers after 6 days.

Keep cold foods cold at 40* and hot foods hot at 135*. This is a new standard for Michigan hot foods, remember this is the minimum temperature.

Cool large quantities of food fast with an ice bath, cooling in shallow containers, or an ice stick submerged in food.  At maximum, 2 hours to reach 70* then 4 hours to reach 40*.

Prevent cross-contamination by washing and sanitizing(50 to 100 part per million (ppm) bleach water rinse) cutting boards and utensils. About a capful per gallon. You can test the strength with chlorine test strips

Avoid cooking when you have a cold or are sick.

Wear proper clothing, long pants, short sleeved shirts and shoes to avoid accidents.

Cover or restrain long hair.

Have clean fingernails.

Wash your hands!

It is always a good idea to have a sink full of hot soapy water to keep up with dishes as you cook. Use a hot water rinse and if possible a second rinse with 50-100 ppm bleach and water rinse.