Quick Easy Maitre d' butter Recipe is great for Topping Steaks, Making Chicken Recipes, or for Grilling Buns for Sandwiches. Maitre d' Butter is a must for Flambe' Recipes too like Chicken Almondine Flambe'

Maitre d' Butter

This recipe can be used to top off steaks, grill buns for sandwiches,or for use in various recipes on this site.

1 pound butter
1 bunch parsley
1 small onion
1 clove garlic

Have butter at room temperature. Place onion, parsley and garlic in food processor and chop until liquid appears, don't overchop. Place mixture in large mixing bowl and add butter. Mix well until incorporated fully.
Place about 1/4 of mixture in middle of wax paper and tri fold over butter. Flatten butter in paper until most of the paper is covered inside. Then place flattened butter in paper in the freezer. Break off desired amounts for recipes or cooking. Store in freezer.

Tip: Maitre d' butter must be initially frozen before using to get proper taste. Simply break off amount to use.

Note: goes well with shrimp dishes, grilled sandwiches, steaks, and fish dishes.