Quick Easy Beef Brochettes Recipe is great in the summer for a barbeque on the patio, or inside under the broiler. Fresh Beef and Vegetables Brochettes, Merinated and Skewered.

Here's a great recipe for your summer cookout!

Beef Brochettes    
serves 4-6

2 lb sirloin steak ( cut in 1" cubes)
1 green pepper
2 tomatoes
1 large onion
1 lb whole fresh mushrooms
1 can whole peeled potaoes
1 c italian dressing
1 tbsp oregano
salt and pepper to taste
1Tsp granulated or fresh garlic

 Note: You will need steel skewers for this recipe.

Cut all vegetables in large chunks to fit skewers. Impale meat and vegetables alternating on skewers, according to what you like. Place Brochettes in 2" deep pan and pour italian dressing over and sprinkle oregano, garlic, salt & pepper. Cover and let merinade for an hour. May be broiled in oven or better, Grilled over charcoal. Cook until desired doneness. Serve with wild rice. Serves four.