Molly's White Chili Recipe is not only Easy to Make, it's delicious and cheap. Top with Sour Cream or Thicken with Pureed Garbonzo or Northern Beans. You can Use your Imagination with this Recipe. You can add Red Pepper too!

Molly's White Chili, Easy, Cheap, and Good

Recipe from Molly P.

2 cans chicken broth
3 cans cooked chicken (or leftovers cut up)
1 jar or 3 cans northern beans
2 cans chopped green chilies
1 brick Monterey jack cheese for topping ( shredded or cut up)

In large soup kettle combine broth, chicken, beans, and green chilies. Heat slowly to boil, then serve and top with cheese. Great with hot rolls, salads or fruit.