Angie's "How to Make a Rainbow Cake" Recipe is Perfect for Kids Birthdays, Easter, any Family Celebrations. Angie say's "Once your Kids Have One, they Want One Forever"!

Angie's "How to Make a Rainbow Cake"!!
Once your kids have one, they want one forever!

Recipe from Angie M.

Use one box of white cakemix, follow directions on box.
Split the batter into 6 equal parts using cereal bowls.
Color and mix together as follows, each bowl;

If you use 2 round tins, do as follows:

Please note; The batter layers need to bake firm to hold the next batter layer, (do not over cook).

Tin (1) one,
Red batter, bake 10-15 min. Then add,
Orange batter, bake 10-15 min. Ten add,
Yellow batter, bake until done ( 10-15 min.)

Tin (2) two
green batter, bake 10-15 min. Then add,
Blue batter, bake 10-15 min. Then add,
Purple batter, bake until done (10-15 min.)

Tin (2) two is the bottom cake layer, and (1) one is the top.

Note: If you use a 9x11 cake pan, the directions are the same except you reverse the color order when adding and baking colored batter layers.

Frost with any frosting recipe.