Scalloped Corn is quite an easy institutional recipe to prepare for large groups and accompanies many entrees. Scalloped Corn for 200 will hold for several hours in a warmer at 140*-165*.

Scalloped Corn for 200
8 #10 cans cans creamed corn
30 eggs
2 lbs saltines (crushed)
2 lbs butter (melted)
2 c. milk
2 tbs pepper (avoid salt as saltines contain enough)
In large mixing bowl add corn, 1 1/2 lbs crackers (crushed), eggs, butter, and milk. Mix well. Pour into shallow hotel pans (greased). Put rest of saltines on top. Bake 350* for 1 hour in convection oven. Remove when firm in pan. 

Note: This is an excellent side dish for the holidays and is quite easy to prepare.

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