Our Spaghetti Sauce Recipe for 200 People will guarantee success for your large group meal. Fresh ground beef, herbs and spices and tomato sauce make our spaghetti sauce for 200 a hit! A quick easy recipe. Simply omit the ground beef for a fantastic vegetarian recipe!

Spaghetti Sauce for 200

40# ground beef, cooked, drained (optional)
8- #10 cans tomato sauce
1- #10 can tomato paste
4 onions, diced
1/2 c chopped garlic,fresh or dehy
2 green peppers, diced
2# fresh sliced mushrooms
1 c brown sugar
1/2 c soy sauce
1 c leaf oregano
1/2 c basil, (1 cup if fresh)
2 tbsp ground rosemary
1 tbsp white pepper
20 bay leaves, whole  (to be removed before serving)

Prepare ground beef and sauce in intervals together.

Ground Beef Part: Place ground beef in roasting pans about 20# each pan. Chop up ground beef a little and place uncovered in a convection oven for 3 twenty minute intervals, stirring around ground beef with large serving spoon a little each time. (You may have to adjust time for conventional ovens, as they will take loger and the temperature should be 350*). Once ground beef is cooked, make sure it's chopped to the right size (your chioce). Drain thoroughly all fat in container.(once fat is cooled it will be solid and you can throw it in the trash, never pour grease or fat down the drain). Set aside and keep hot or cool off if not using right away.

Sauce part: Combine all ingredients and mix well. You may divide up in 4" hotel pans evenly. Once all ingredients are mixed well, place in 325* convection oven, covered, stirring every 20 minutes, same as ground beef. Sauce should reach a temperature of 165* then you can add the ground beef (which should be done at the same time). Once ground beef is added to sauce, place back in oven for 15 more minutes and temp again. Serve over pasta of choice.

You will need 25# of uncooked pasta for a four (4)ounce serving per person. If you are feeding hungry kids at camp or teens etc., It's a good idea to add 10# of pasta for extra helpings.