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Institutional Recipes for 200

Welcome to our institutional section . Here we will be providing recipes for large groups around 200. We chose this number as it is easy to divide into 1/2's for 100 or quarters for 50. If a larger number is needed, it's easy to multiply as well. We are offering the easiest method to prepare recipes from main entrees to desserts and everything in between. Most all of the recipes to date on our site will be converted to institutional recipes so large groups can enjoy the best of foods. All the recipes can be used for weddings, parties, church functions, school lunch kitchens, etc. If you ever have any questions about cooking for large groups just contact us at We will put our 39+ years of experience to work for you.

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Quick Easy Chili Recipe for 200

Wonderful Fresh Fruit Tray for Special Occasions

This wonderful 4 feet by 2 feet fruit tray (board) is prepared using a paring knife, and a 9"chef knife. Simply cut around the top half of a large watermelon, pausing when reaching toward the middle. Leave about two inches width, then cut a strip for the "basket handle". Then with the paring knife, cut up and down zig zag pattern around the top edge as in picture. Scoop out fruit and cut in square pieces. Cut all melons and place in large deep plastic hotel pans. Cut rest of fruit as shown and colorfully arrange fruits on foil covered fruit board. Fruit used for this is: 2 large watermelon, 6 pineapples, 3 large muskmelon, 3 large cantelope, 5 large oranges, 3# red grapes, 3# green grapes, 10 kiwi, 3 large pink grapefruit, 10 lbs. fresh strawberries, 2 pt. blackberries, 2 pt. blueberries, 2 pt. raspberries. 6 green limes. 

Prep time: 1 hr.

We are Currently Building our Quick Easy Institutional Recipes for 50 to 200 people, Beef, Chicken, Pork and Seafood Entrees, Side Dishes, Salads, Quick Breads, Tools and Terms, and Great Ideas too! If you Need a Recipe not Listed yet, Write us and we will Provide it for You.

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