Welcome to our Sandwich Section. Have Lunch at Home with Fine Restaurant Style Quality Sandwiches.  Scrumptious Open Faced or Grilled Resaurant Style Sandwiches like French Dips with Au Jus, English Rarebits, or Grilled Ham And Cheese to Patty Melts. Then go to our Soup Section for Homemade Soups to go with these Simple Delicious Sandwiches.


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Grilled Sandwiches

Grilled sandwiches have one thing in common, both pieces of bread are buttered on the outside for grilling. Usually on a flat griddle or frying pan. Use medium heat, and don't be in a hurry or the out side of the sandwich will be dark, but cold in the middle. If you make a grilled sandwich that uses ham, it's a good idea to heat the ham enough to remove the water, usually 1 minute in the microwave will do it. Other sandwiches that contain several inner items like reubens with sauerkraut and corned beef can be heated first by microwaving or grilling. The following is a list of grilled sanwiches and their ingredients:

Grilled Ham and Cheese
2 slices bread
3 oz. sliced ham
1 oz. swiss cheese or american cheese

Try adding sliced onion or tomato

2 slices rye bread
sliced corned beef
2 slices Swiss cheese
1 tbsp Thousand Island Dressing

Heat corned beef and sauerkraut in pan. Spread thousand island dressing on bread. place hot corned beef and kraut on bread, then place cheese on top to melt. You can add onion, tomato or whatever accessorie you wish.

Easy Patty Melt
2 slices rye bread
4 oz. ground beef patty
1 slice grilled onion
1 slice Swiss cheese
dressing of choice

Cook ground beef patty in pan with onion, or out on the grill. Place bread in pan lightly buttered and grill. Add cheese and cooked beef patty. Make sandwich or have it opened faced. Add any salad dressing, mayo, or mustard, or have it plain, it's great any style.

Restaurant Sandwiches

French Dip
1 french roll sliced in 1/2 ( best if you bake a parbaked roll so it's crispy, 6-10 minutes at 375*)
4-6 oz. sliced roast beef
2 oz.
maitre' d butter
4 oz. au jus

Grill french roll with butter, Heat sliced beef in au jus on stove in sauce pan, then place meat on grilled french roll. Angle cut and place on plate. pour au jus in cup for dipping your sandwich. Serve with pickle and chips.

Kielbasa Sandwich
1 sliced french roll sliced in 1/2 ( best if you bake a parbaked roll so it's crispy, 6-10 minutes at 375*)
1 oz. maitre' d butter
1 kielbasa, sliced down the middle
2 oz. sauer kraut
1 slice provolone cheese
sliced onion (optional)

Grill french roll in butter, then grill kielbasa and sauerkraut. Place on roll with cheese and cut in half.

Here's an easy opened face sandwich for a special Luncheon. Invite guests!

English Rarebit
(open faced sandwich) this recipe is for one sandwich.
2 slices toast
6 strips bacon, cooked
2 slices tomato
1 oz. grilled sauerkraut
2 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
1 oz cooked mushrooms, sliced

On oven proof plate, place toast, cutting one in half and place on outer edges of whole toast. Place  bacon then sauerkraut, then tomato and mushrooms. Put cheese on top and place under broiler for a couple minutes until cheese melts. Serve. Great for special luncheons