Celebrate the Holidays with our very special Prime Rib Roast recipe. It includes an awesome Au Jus recipe. Follow the links to festive side dishes too.


Prime Rib Roast
15-19 lb rib roast
1/4 c garlic, fresh chopped
1 tbsp Chef Frank's Seasoning
2 c water

Place rib roast in large roasting pan, bone down, add water and seasonings. Cover and place in oven at 275* and roast for 5 hours then check with thermometer. When it reads 140*, it's rare, 150* is med. rare, and 160* is medium. Remove from oven, debone, and slice to appropriate sizes. Serve with Au Jus.

Note: Wonderful Christmas entree. Serve with Twice Baked Potatoes, scalloped corn and salad. Any side dish will work .

To Debone: When roast is done cut along sides of rib bones and lift individual ribs from roast. Then trim along top of rib just under the flat bone and lift off. Then slice to desired thickness.

Au Jus

4 c water
4 tsp beef base ( paste or boullion)
1 c red wine
1/2 onion (remove before serving)
1 tsp garlic, chopped
1/4 tsp white pepper

In sauce pan place water, beef base, garlic, white pepper, and wine. Simmer for at least an hour. May simmer for hours and adding small amounts of water from evaporation.

Note: Best when made from drippings from your roasts. Just pour into sauce pan and add seasonings and wine, simmer and serve.

Great for French Dips or Prime Rib.