Quick Easy Orange Gelatin Salad is a special Holiday Treat at the end of a great meal. Orange Gelatin Salad has pineapple, manderin oranges and whipped cream. A wonderful dessert.

Holiday Orange Gelatin
1 small pkg orange gelatin
1 c orange pop
1 c hot water  120*(to dissolve geletin)
1 pkg dry whip cream mix
1 can drained pineapple
1 can drained manderine oranges

 Mix gelatin and hot water, then add pop. Let set in fridge to slightly firm up. Prepare whipped cream according to directions on pkg. Once gelatin is 1/2 firmed up, add rest of ingredients and let stand in refrigerator until firm. Serve as salad or a dessert. This salad can also be put into a gelatin mold.