Quick Easy Scallops Newburg Recipe is made with large Sea Scallops and a buttery cream sauce. Scallops Newburg over rice is great with Cheese Broccoli and Salad.

Scallops Newburg
2 lbs scallops (large size is better)
1/4 c small diced onion
1/4 c small diced celery
2 oz.
maitre d' butter
1/2 c roux
3 c milk
1/2 tsp Chef Frank's Seasoning

Prepare cream sauce by heating milk and paprika over medium heat in double boiler, or carefully in sauce pan. Stir constantly. Bring almost to light boil, add roux. Thicken with whisk to desired  creaminess. In seperate fry pan, medium heat, place butter, celery, onion, and scallops. Sautee easily until scallops are solid white, don't overcook. Without draining, combine scallops with cream sauce. Serve over rice.

Note: Goes great with salads , fruits, and biscuits or dinner rolls.