Quick Easy Honey Barbeque Country Ribs Recipe will wow your family and friends at your back yard Barbeque. Honey Barbeque Country Ribs are fun and easy.

Honey Barbeque Country Ribs
3 lb country pork ribs
1/2 onion, cut chunky
1/2 tsp Chef Frank's Seasoning
pinch white pepper
1 c
Honey barbeque sauce
1/2 c water

In roasting pan, place ribs, water, onion, and seasoning. Cover and roast at 275* for 2 -1/2  hours. Remove from oven and brush sauce over ribs (you may have to drain excess liquid first). Place under broiler to finish or
outside grill.

Note: can be enjoyed with
scalloped potatoes in winter, and potato or vegetable salad in summer. I suggest fresh sweet corn in season!